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Briquetting means the process of making the bio-fuel for acquiring briquettes utilizing bio-wastages such as cotton and tobacco stalks, rice and wheat husks, saw dusts, dry leaves, hay or straw, jute and coconut coir, groundnut or apricot shells, and further this process which enables the production of best quality fuel is known as Briquetting and its is also eco-friendly and valuable in diverse applications.

Briquetting Plant

Briquetting plant is an innovative technology in which all types of agriculture waste, forestry waste and industrial waste are rehabilitated into solid cylindrical shape logs with extremely high mechanical pressure lacking the help of any chemical or binder. Moreover these products can straightly be worn as non conventional fuel. Briquetting plant is well-known as an industry that protects natural cuts pollution and saves admirable foreign substitute. It also avoid the mistreatment of agriculture squander and helps farmers of get money out of their agriculture squander and get good proceeds by installation of Briquetting plant.

Briquette Machine

The machine used to turn the waste material into uniform-sized briquettes. The process of making the waste problems, literally a much smaller part of the business and can improve the bottom line by reducing the storage and handling costs and increasing income at the same time. This machine is known as Briquette Machine.

Biomass Briquettes

Biomass briquettes are a bio-fuel alternate to coal and charcoal. Briquettes are frequently worn in developing world, where cooking fuels are not as easily available.

Briquetting Project

This Project is called Biomass Briquetting Plant and is simply the process to converting Agro waste, Forestry waste and Industrial waste into biomass Briquettes / Bio-coal.  The Biomass Briquetting is the best renewable energy for healthy environment and economy. It is completely Eco-friendly green energy project.

We are recognized by the consequence of Energy and its sources. Energy is the key factor in economic development of every country. The demand of energy is rising gradually and the supplies of sources are restricted. It is worldwide red alert for fossil fuel like Petrol, Kerosene, Natural Gas, LPG, and Lignite etc. This has made an enormous gap between the demand and supply of energy. Renewable energy is the decisive solution, which can fill this gap. Most of superior countries has adopted this idea, established this project and retaining their natural resources to get the solution of energy and fuels.

Main concept of this project is to manufacture the material as a bio-coal, which is made from the wastages. We cannot destroy the wastages totally. But we can use it with the help of Briquetting Plant and fabricate the Briquettes, which eventually create the energy. We can say that to provide the energy in low cost is the main concept of the project.
Type of Biomass Briquetting


Classification of Waste for Briquettes

The classification of the wastes can be classified into an assortment of categories based on its sources. Usually the wastes can be sorted into the following categories, such as municipal wastes, residential wastes, commercial wastes, industrial wastes, construction and demolition wastes, hazardous wastes and other wastes. Along with this waste the residential waste is closely related with the every citizens each day, which refers to the wastes generated by households living, including kitchen and gardens organic wastes, recyclable waste such as paper, textile, plastics, etc, and non-recyclable wastes and batteries-like hazardous waste, etc.
Biomass Briquetting


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